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This Big City is an award winning online publication sharing ideas and encouraging discussion about sustainable cities since 2009.

We explore urban trends, ideas and analysis here on thisbigcity.net and are active on TwitterFacebook and Tumblr sharing short-form content with over 250,000 followers and engaging in social media events like our #citytalk tweetchat.

All the original content we publish has a Creative Commons 3.0 License. We encourage you to republish our articles on your own site – simply follow our Attribution Policy.

Want to get in touch? The contact details of each member of the editorial team are provided below.

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What is This Big City?

This Big City is an online publication sharing ideas for sustainable cities through thisbigcity.net, FacebookTwitter and Tumblr. It was founded in September 2009 by Joe Peach and is published from London, UK.

Is this a full time publishing operation?

We’re flattered that you ask! The answer is no. This Big City is a side project for everyone involved, and we all volunteer our time running it. We affectionately call it our ‘online bit on the side’ as most contributors are busy with jobs, studies, etc.

Is This Big City formally connected to any of the organisations your team works with?

Nope. Though most contributors have professional and/or academic commitments with a range of organisations, these organisations are in no way connected to This Big City. It’s an entirely independent project and has been since it launched. The stuff we publish is always the view of the article author and doesn’t necessarily represent the views of our Editors, or any of the organisations our team are connected with outside of This Big City.

I see you publish in loads of different languages. What’s the deal there?

We publish in multiple languages because we want as many people as possible to have access to the ideas we share. Our non-English sites have their own Editors. Most content is translated from the English site, though some is unique. We currently publish in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Farsi, Portuguese and German.

Can I join the team at This Big City?

That would be great! The two main ways to get involved are through contributing articles or aiding our translation efforts. If you’re interested in writing for us, your articles will need to fall somewhere within our theme of ‘ideas for sustainable cities’ and into one of our main categories: People, Planning, Transport and Digital. The writing style should be accessible and non-academic, each post should be around 800 words long and you should link through to your sources whenever possible. Get in touch with Joe on joe.e.peach [at] gmail.com with your ideas.

If you’re interested in a translation internship, click here for further information. All opportunities are on a voluntary basis.

Can I hire you?

Potentially! Most of the core team of Editors are available for freelance work on writing, translation, social media and speaking engagements, potentially utilising our platforms here at This Big City. We’d also be more than happy to talk about advertising opportunities on thisbigcity.net. In the past we’ve worked for organisations such as Woolworths (South Africa)CarillionSmartMoleskine and Berkeley Group, amongst others. If you’re interested in working with any of us on your own project, get in touch with Joe on joe.e.peach[at]gmail.com.

Where do you get your photos from?

Wherever possible we source images from article authors or use Creative Commons licensed photos from Flickr. We use this search tool for most of our photos. There are times when we source them elsewhere. There’s an image credit at the bottom of each post.

What do the squares in your logo represent?

Good question! They can mean whatever you want them to mean. To us, the squares represent the different pieces that make up a city. They’re also like windows, and we hope This Big City is a window into cities. You’ll notice the square theme across our website and tumblr blog.

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Here at This Big City we thrive on collaboration. Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to work with the following organisations on everything from tweetchats to articles to media partnerships.

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