Art and Bus Rapid Transit in Lagos


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Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a transport system that is rapidly being adopted by many governments and cities around to world to solve commuting and human movement problems within their cities. Not only does BRT offer another form of transport, it is also a cost-effective yet powerful transport system for cash-strapped developing countries who are experiencing the fastest growth in population numbers.

Lagos’s BRT system is considered the first BRT system of its kind on the African continent, having introduced its services to the public in 2008. The SeekProject art on the Lagos BRT buses, were realised as part of The Goethe-Institut for the Nigerian 50th year anniversary celebrations and the Lagos Live Arts Festival that was held in December of 2012.



Described by artist Karo Akpokiere as ‘an art gallery in motion’, the project took different drawings by Akpokiere and placed these on buses. The idea was to ‘take art out of the gallery into the public space and facilitate new connections between artists and the audience’. So far the response has been very positive, and although the project’s initial plan was to keep the art on for the months of November and December in 2012 – the drawings have never been taken off from the buses.

Akpokiere, who is from Nigeria, wants to make this an annual design project for the Lagos BRT, involving local as well as international artists. At the moment, the financial viability of this project is withholding this dream.

By Rouen Smit at Future Cape Town – a This Big City partner site.

Image sourced via Jason Meredith