#citydata: Ten Facts About Cities (Part 4)


It’s been another busy few weeks for This Big City on Tumblr, where we’ve been sharing urban data as part of our #citydata series. These latest ten additions feature everything from urban cycle hire schemes to mobile homes to the impact of the US government shutdown. And if you’re looking for even more data, check out parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series.

The shutdown leaves contamination cleanup at 507 superfund sites at a standstill.

South Carolina leads the way with nearly 18% of its housing stock represented by manufactured housing.

Sole Food plans to supply dozens of Vancouver restaurants and farmers markets with fresh, locally grown produce.


And 40,500 of those have been added since December. Urban bike hire just keeps getting bigger.

The good news is 27.1% represents an eight year low for the city. The area has seen a surge of investment and relocation from the suburbans in the last couple years.

There’s around £200,000 worth of Bristol’s local currency in circulation, ensuring all funds are spent locally.

And the 8 food trucks that got those grants are investing $144,250.

And each bike is used 6 times a day.