#citydata: Ten Facts About Cities


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We’ve been working on our new #citydata series over on Tumblr in recent weeks, taking data about cities and sharing it with our followers in a highly visual format. From London to Melbourne to Phoenix to Dubai, we’ve travelled the world (well, Googled the world) to share interesting data with our followers. Here’s ten of the factoids we’ve shared so far:


20 million trips and counting, with work well underway to extend the scheme to south-west London.


Miami may be an auto-centric city, but that didn’t stop apartment selling in this development.



In partnership with Cablevision and Time Warner, New York City has added wifi service to 32 new park locations. Combine that with the 28 parks already served by AT&T and you’ve got some seriously wired greenspaces.



And there’s 40 more miles of extension lines planned through 2025.


Central London is most polluted because of the number of vehicles, but twice as many people die per year in the suburbs due to higher population densities.


1,000,000 calories burned by 2,000 users on just 54 bikes—all within the first six weeks of GreenBike’s launch in Salt Lake City.


In 2011, Vancouver adopted theambitious goal of becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020. Adding 150,000 trees to their urban forest is among their long term targets.


London’s Underground is best known, but the city has an overground too. And its recent refurbishment cost £1.5 billion.

  • nzekulman

    St Davids (UK’s smallest city) was the destination of many childhood holidays for me. I absolutely loved it. If anyone goes in the near future be sure to check out the theatre performances in the monastery ruins.

  • salvolomas

    Interesting and curious data about cities. Thanks

  • Sparklet

    That’s a lot of cool info! Have you seen also these blogs which write info about Berlin (http://berlin.placeilive.com) and London (http://placeilive.co.uk)?