Eggs and the City – The Stylish Chicken Coop for Urban Dwellers

Once considered an activity exclusively for the countryside, the role of farming has evolved into a prominent area of discussion in cities. Countless images have been generated predicting an urban future where vegetation-laden skyscrapers provide for our needs, but whilst it is questionable whether this vision of the future will ever materialise, one thing is certain – city dwellers are showing an increasing interest in the pleasures of the farm. Enter Matthew Hayward and Nadia Turan with nogg – their beautifully styled chicken coop for us city folk.

With friends and family excited by the notion of keeping chickens but disappointed by poorly designed and constructed coops on the market, Matthew and Nadia set about creating an urban chicken coop of both beauty and practicality. The nogg is built by hand and made from naturally anti-bacterial cedar wood and stainless steel. Doors on the front and back allow access and can be closed at night, turning the nogg into a safe environment for its inhabitants. Ventilation and climate control is provided by the glass dome on the roof, which automatically rises when the temperature inside gets too high.

Chickens are both an ideal pet and an excellent place to begin for aspiring urban farmers. They can be fed from food scraps, such as vegetable peel, and provide eggs in return. For families living in the city, keeping chickens is an excellent way to teach children about nature and the responsibility of looking after animals.

With its designers calling it a ‘stylish and sculptural piece of garden furniture with breakfast thrown in’, nogg excellently addresses its market, providing a unique and innovative design which will hopefully encourage design-savvy urbanites to start their very own city farm.

Image courtesy of Tent London HQ on flickr