Five of London’s Most Famous Landmarks in the Snow

Britain is in a snow-induced coma. Airports have closed, trains are either delayed or not running at all, and pedestrians everywhere are falling on their behinds as snow turns to ice overnight. Thankfully for London, we don’t have it quite so bad as the rest of the country – northern England and Scotland are reporting snowfall up to two feet deep, but in central London you can still see the asphalt. Despite this, many of the capital’s most iconic constructions have taken on a new identity in the snow. Here’s a selection:

1. Tower Bridge

London’s most famous bridge is surrounded by snow. Nearby parks have turned from green to white, with the masses of tourists normally associated with the location no longer present.

Whilst London’s heavy traffic has stopped snow from settling too much on the roads, Tower Bridge’s light blue form is now capped with white.

2. The Shard

Due for completion in 2011, The Shard is not yet of iconic status. However, with its sloping sides and impressive height, it’s only a matter of time before it is. The inclining structure means snow is yet to settle on the building itself, but all around London Bridge station – which sits beneath the building – the snow is out in force.

3. London Bridge

The only snow on London Bridge itself is on the street sign. Heavy traffic and pedestrian use has turned the white stuff into slush – the less picturesque grey stuff.

4. St. Paul’s Cathedral

A light dusting of snow on the Cathedral’s rooftop adds a new twist to the building’s elegant structure.

Usually a gathering point for London’s tourists, the steps of St. Paul’s have been turned into an unusually empty space.

5. The Gherkin

30 St Mary Axe – or the Gherkin, as it is affecionately known – dominates the skyline in east London.

Streets leading up to the building get much use, but the snow has still managed to settle.

The open area surrounding the building has been closed in an attempt to minimise accidents caused by the snow.

The cost of snow to the British economy is massive, and this weather is not greeted positively by many business owners. Others, however, see it differently – perhaps because the snow will stick around as long as it wants to, whether we like it or not.

  • Anwar Mueen-ud-Din

    Amazing building designs. It is a miracle of technology and human will power.