Infographic: The 5 Largest Public Transit Systems in the US

us transit info snapshot


Did you know: the five largest public transit systems in the US can be found in Chicago, New York City, Boston, Washington, DC, and San Francisco. And their history stretches back to the 19th century. This new infographic looks at the  history and development of these systems, presenting ridership and other key metrics, along with current and upcoming improvements on the networks.


Infographic via MPA degrees

  • Alan

    In terms of riders, I can see these 5, but in terms of miles, wouldn’t Amtrak, NJ Transit, SEPTA and some of the other regional rail systems be bigger?

  • StanislausBabalistic

    This is outdated (for instance, the Washington Metro now operates a sixth rail line: the Silver Line). It’s also inaccurate: Boston has “14” rail lines listed; it’s really three heavy rail and four light rail. Unless it’s counting the commuter lines, but those are listed separately in the same chart.

    Meanwhile, you ignore a good 4 million MTA rides that take place on THEIR commuter rail systems, Metro-North and the Long Island Rail Road. Unless NJ Transit is also included but unmentioned?

    This is sort of an apples-to-grenades comparison, the way it’s been mocked up.