Infographic: The Real Cost of Traffic Jams in the United States

congested road

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Congestion is a favourite topic of ours here at This Big City. We’ve covered Stockholm’s successful congestion pricing scheme and the lack of enthusiasm for such schemes in both North America and South America. We’ve looked at how both improved road technologies and bicycle use can reduce congestion, and shared five cities that embraced congestion pricing (and four cities that desperately need it).

So when this infographic arrived in our inbox, publishing it was a no-brainer. As well as looking at the causes of traffic jams, it presents congestion in a way almost anyone can understand: cash money. The average driver in the US spends $713, or more than a week’s wages, on dealing with the impact of congestion. Follow the advice of the infographic and take a different route. Or follow my advice and take a different mode whenever you can.

Image via doug ww, infographic via Nationwide Insurance

  • Tim

    Or cycle maybe?

    And if cycling seems too unpleasant or dangerous, ask yourself how it’s ended up that driving a vehicle that adds to the congestion is the only option?

    To quote the TomTom advert, “You are not stuck in traffic, you are traffic”.

  • Drew Reed

    Well done Joe, cheers!