Keeping it Chic on Two Wheels: Fashion and Cycling in London

By Jools Walker. After buying her Pashley Princess bike, Jools started the blog Velo-City-Girl in March 2010, which focuses on fashion & cycling.

London is one of the most fashionable cities in the world, and with around half a million journeys made by bicycle here each day, it comes as no surprise that keeping it stylish while cycling is fast becoming a fashion movement in its own right.

With an emergence of clothing designers who recognise the dedicated market and demand for beautiful cycling apparel and accessories for bicycles, there is an exciting scene developing in the City. Brands such as Cyclodelic, Cyclechic and Nonusual are an example of this happening and are helping to showcase London as a growing cycle-fashion hotspot.

I’ve always believed there is no reason why riding on a regular basis means sacrificing everyday style and fashion. Since launching Velo-City-Girl, I’ve discovered there are many people here who feel the same way about this.

There are even events in celebration of fashion on two wheels. One of the biggest is the Tweed Run, which has taken place for the past 3 years in London. Over 500 cyclists gather in Central London and set off on a sartorial cycle across the city. Not only is it one of the most glamorous cycling jaunts you’ll ever see, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet other riders who appreciate keeping it chic on the saddle. There is always an opportunity to strike up conversation and chat to people along the ride. With such a happy and jolly vibe, it demonstrates that cycling & fashion in London can be great fun too.

The fashion scene amongst London’s cyclists is vibrant and exciting, proving that keeping it chic on two wheels is possible. London, you wear it well.