Making Public Transport Irresistable: Your Ideas from #citytalk

transit map

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We hosted our eleventh #citytalk tweetchat last week, this time looking at how cities move. There was some serious discussion around the importance of investing in quality public transport solutions that are frequent, affordable, and take people where they need to go, but our favourite moment came when we asked you to share your ideas for making public transport fun. Here’s some of the best bits:

Is it a train or a movie festival?


Co-working space


Improve it with paint


Projects to remind people public transport exists


Sing it!


Gamification (or no pants)


Public transport heroes


Subsidise with more effective advertising


Transit apps


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Image via Stationary Hobo

  • Tammi Nh

    I like the idea of making bus stations and waiting more enjoyable. In some stations where I wait, there are a lot of free newspapers to read. Other things to keep you busy would be nice. But please, no TV screens with ads like at the end of checkout lines in grocery stores… those are just terrible (and a waste of electricity and electronics).

  • tcinphilly

    Get movie-makers to portray public transit in a positive light by showing characters on public transit instead of in fancy cars. Smoking has hung on so long because it was glamorized by Hollywood.