Mejor en Bici: Life is Better on Two Wheels


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What is Mejor en bici?

Since 2009, Mejor en bici (Better on bike) has promoted the use of bicycles in Bogotá as a solution for chaotic urban mobility issues and also to develop better lifestyles amongst citizens. They work with companies, universities and communities to design strategies and develop programs and partnerships helping people use bicycles as their main way to move from home to work or to study.


Insights: Mejor en bici

  • The key driver for the creation of Mejor en bici was the increasing number of cars on the streets of Bogotá. It is typical for a small family in Bogotá to have 2 or 3 cars, causing huge congestion. The bicycle is proving to be the best alternative.
  • Mejor en bici works primarily with the private sector, which is much more agile and efficient than the public sector and the common target for urban mobility initiatives.

Insights: People

  • In Bogotá, the perception of security is key. Citizens live with a constant fear of being robbed or assaulted, causing high levels of stress and mistrust and reducing quality of life. Governments and communities should develop ideas to tackle not only crime but also this perception.
  • Riding a bike is a complete lifestyle. The fashion of cool bicycles is all over Bogotá as it is in major cities across the globe, offering opportunities for related brands, products and services. This niche is growing and can be used to encourage the investment of more money and time.
  • Along with this lifestyle there is the money and time saving associated with cycling – one of the key benefits for companies embracing and promoting bicycle usage amongst their employees.


Bogotá has a big opportunity to become not only a business hub but a green hub as well. Public parks, gardens, rivers, lakes and especially hills are key spaces to transform the city. Bicycle enthusiasts are a strategic community in the future of the region.

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