Nine Cities Integrating the Bicycle into their Transport Infrastructure

During 2010, This Big City has dedicated much attention to the role of the bicycle in cities across the world, including a series of photo essays visually demonstrating urban cycling infrastructure developments. From Amsterdam to LA to Western Australia, here are those nine posts:

1. Amsterdam (above image)

With separate bike lanes, multi-storey bicycle car parks, and clear on-street signage, Amsterdam deserves its reputation as one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world.

2. Rotterdam

Amsterdam’s less-famous neighbour is just as bicycle friendly, with roads safely divided between trams, cars, bikes and pedestrians, and waterproof parking points for bicycles.

3. Stockholm

The Swedish capital’s extensive bicycle network connects nearby towns to the city centre, with categorised bike lanes and excellent connections with other transport options.

4. Uppsala

This town outside Stockholm has been able to successfully integrate the bicycle into its local culture and urban infrastructure with minimal changes to its city’s streets.

5. Bogota

With a Mayor who valued cyclists as much as car drivers, Bogota introduced an extensive network of bike lanes with excellent connections to its bus and train systems, and all part of its comprehensive urban development plans.

6. Western Australia

Running alongside train and bus networks, Perth’s Veloway has done a great job of encouraging cycling in Western Australia, as has Rottnest Island, where cars are banned and bicycles are therefore an immensely popular way of getting around.

7. Los Angeles

Despite being famous for its love affair with the automobile, Los Angeles is making efforts to better integrate the bicycle, starting with the 32km South Bay Bike Trail.

8. Mexico City

By closing select streets to cars and introducing a simple, affordable cycle hire scheme, Mexico City has seen an increase in urban cyclists.

9. Melbourne

With a growing network of bicycle lanes, including the city’s first fully separated on-road lane, Melbourne is making efforts to encourage cycling in the city, helped by some innovative design ideas.

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By Joe Peach