Planning and Sustainable Cities: 5 of the Best Blog Posts of 2012


Though cities are constantly evolving, they are also constantly staying-the-same. Most buildings have a lifespan of at least decades, and present-day street plans are often simply variations on a city’s street plan from hundreds of years ago. It is therefore critical that cities are well-planned, as their urban form will likely be sticking around for quite some time. Here’s 5 of our favourite posts about planning that we published in 2012:

The Future of the City: Density, Sustainability and Citizen Happiness

After visiting Kansas City Design Week, Sharon Gochenour finds herself considering the future of the city:

Many young Americans are seeking out denser areas, and it’s not difficult to understand why. But as planners move forward, the importance of a city that facilitates not just the economic development but the emotional health of its communities cannot be overstated.

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The Rise of the Mini Home and the Walkable Neighbourhood

Jillian Glover looks at how the ‘ideal lifestyle’ is changing, and what that means for cities:

Real estate trends, urban planning theorists, and architects in North America are coming to the realization that more and more young people – Generation Y –  and even their soon-to-be-empty nest parents, want a smaller home. And not just anywhere, they want it in a walkable community.

You can read the full post here.

Buenos Aires Residents on the Fence About New Park Enclosures

Parks all over the world adopt a different identity at night, but residents of one Buenos Aires neighbourhood aren’t so keen on a proposal to reduce crime in their local park. Drew Reed investigates:

Built in 1910 for the 100th anniversary of Argentina’s independence from Spain, Parque Centenario is a great place for a picnic or to throw a frisbee around. But the city government wants to build a fence around the entire park, in order to be able to close it completely at night.

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Urban Branding: The Evolution of Kansas City’s Graphic Identity

The graphic image of a city is influenced by many different authors. In this post, Sharon Gochenour looks at urban branding and planning:

A city’s image is not only formed by what it is but all the things it has been. Perhaps the next step in city branding to generate virtual spaces through the accumulation of images from various sources on all levels of city development—planners, artists, officials, individual city dwellers.

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Beyond Sandy: How Climate Change has Affected Cities Worldwide

With Hurricane Sandy devastating much of north-east America, Drew Reed looks at how climate change is affecting cities across the globe:

Global climate change is more than something to be talked about for a couple of days after a destructive storm. Worldwide, it has changed the paradigm of planning and governance, especially for cities.

You can read the full post here.

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