Sustainable Urban Transportation – 5 of the Best Blog Posts of 2010

Transportation challenges are being faced in cities across the world as populations increase, demographics change, and our relationship with the automobile becomes increasingly strained. This Big City has featured many posts in 2010 exploring this topic, and here are five of the best:

1. Bus Rapid Transit Systems as a Catalyst for Change

Cheaper, faster and easier to build than underground and rail networks, the Bus Rapid Transit system can bring many positive changes to an urban community. However, it is not without its challenges.

2. Will the City of the Future be a Car-free Zone?

With major pedestrianisation efforts being witnessed in London and New York, as well as entire towns, cities and islands banning the automobile, is it just a matter of time before the city becomes a car-free zone?

3. Are London’s Cycle Superhighways Really ‘Super’?

London’s Mayor wants to create a cycling revolution, but are the two ‘cycle superhighways’ recently introduced enough to initiate that goal, and do they live up to their name?

4. The Future of Public Transport in Bangkok

This Thai city has an obsession with cars, but a recent Bus Rapid Transit system has suggested a changing urban policy. However, Bangkok’s drivers are unhappy about giving away a portion of their road, and the future of the BRT is in doubt.

5. Cycle Lanes and Sustainability – A Vision for our Urban Future

Getting people out of cars and onto bicycles could reduce congestion, improve health and help build more engaged communities. But before this can happen, cities need to improve their cycling infrastructure, with this article explaining how that can be done.