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Take a trip to Staten Island for tale that intertwines the life of Antonio Meucci – the man credited by some as inventing the telephone – with sound, mermaids and crazy inventions that can't be real. Or can they? We caught up with Justin Bennett and Matthea Harvey to talk about their fascinating project. Read more
Enticed by mermaids, the Antonio Meucci’s telettrofono, and the idea of finally making the trip out to Staten Island, This Big City got on the 1 train towards South Ferry and made the trip across on the Staten Island Ferry to take part in the Guggenheim’s Stillspotting Telettrofono experience. Read more
As the needs of cities change, older buildings can find themselves redundant. The challenge is to find a new purpose for these buildings, one which is historically respectful but meets the modern needs of a city. That is exactly what has happened in one development in Toronto. Read more