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Seven critical issues will be at the forefront of discussions at the upcoming Rio+20 Summit, including jobs, energy, sustainable cities, food security and sustainable agriculture, water, oceans and disaster readiness. We'll be discussing three of them at our upcoming #citytalk on June 11th. Read more
No city is more exemplary of American hard times in the modern era than Detroit. Yet investment in housing and healthcare is ongoing, and private community organizations are actively collaborating with the municipal government. But neither are without challenges. Read more
Recession has pushed city governments to the brink, with some being declared bankrupt. But if necessity is the mother of invention, cities have had to innovate to survive. And many have shown their resourcefulness by finding ways of increasing their revenue and reducing their costs. Read more
When planning for the future of a building we tend to forget about the world beyond its walls. But as these projects from the UK and US show, a green roof not only benefits the wider urban ecosystem, it also brings economic benefits for building owners and inhabitants. Read more