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The concept or idea of a New or Future City can be unsettling, perhaps even unappealing. Because surely, a new City without history, without an established culture, or relevance in the brand space of the New Yorks, Londons and Berlins of this world, cannot be considered a real city. Or can it? Read more
The next breakthrough in architecture is more likely to come from a chemist than an architect. Why? Because future buildings will be shaped as much by materials as by the visionaries who design them. Here are three smart materials that could change our cities for the better. Read more
The intensity and frequency of extreme weather events is increasing, and the Built Environment 1.0 model is not fit to cope with such events. Whilst establishing alternatives is a complicated affair, it's critical we start creating more resilient cities. Read more
Making Cape Town a successful city in the 21st Century requires a massive investment in people, transport infrastructure and housing. All of these initiatives require strong leadership, and an intelligent, multidimensional long-term strategy based on real needs of residents. Read more