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Can citizen science clean up the air? Maybe, if it’s using Air Quality Egg: a small internet-enabled sensor designed to help crowdsource pollution maps. Though the final design is still being tested, the Egg has already raised $120,000 through crowdfunding and the first production run is already planned. Read more
Asphalt, as many people know, creates a lot of problems for the environment, and environmentally-friendly alternatives seem a little uncreative for something as ubiquitous as roads. So what about 'spongephalt' - a surface of semipermeable asphalt that allows water to seep through into reservoirs? Read more
What makes a city 'livable'? The answer depends, at least in part, on the location of the city in question. These three ideas present solutions to urban challenges in Africa, the Middle East, and South America, and each hopes to make their city more livable in the process. Read more