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Urban growth is a worldwide phenomenon which can been linked directly to the growth of capitalism. Latin America, as we currently know it, was formed by capitalist countries, and is the most urbanized region in the world. Yet this process of urbanization is about more than just capitalism. Read more
Poor water quality and inadequate distribution is more than a rural problem, with communities of varying sizes across the globe struggling to provide clean water for their inhabitants. This Big City recently got the chance to talk to the founder of an innovative project aiming to address this challenge. Read more
13_La Paz
La Paz, the administrative capital of Bolivia sits at 3,660 metres above sea level. Located in a canyon, the city climbs steep hills as it expands outwards creating an unforgettable urban setting. This photo essay offers glimpses of the city from the streets to the hillside neighbourhoods above. Read more
The first BRT in the world was implemented in 1974 in Curitiba, Brazil, and high-speed, bus-priority public transport systems have been cropping up in cities all over the world since then. Here's five that followed Latin America's lead. Read more
Rio de Janeiro's favelas are a direct response to the government’s failure to provide affordable housing for the poorest citizens. But with massive developments underway as the city prepares for the World Cup and Olympic games, will segregation become a thing of the past? Read more