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Greek philosopher Plato thought the ideal polis had 5,000 inhabitants. A city that size is way too small in our times, but that cap on population had a reason: it allowed for participation, so that every citizen could have a measurable contribution to the polis. So how can we achieve this in bigger cities? Read more
The promise is great. If we can interpret and apply the information our cities are generating in an intelligent way, we could solve many issues – such as how to cut waste in our food supply chains, make it easy to move around our megacities, or turn our gas-guzzling homes into smart systems. Read more
Real estate trends, urban planning theorists, and architects in North America are coming to the realization that more and more young people - Generation Y - and even their soon-to-be-empty nest parents, want a smaller home. And not just anywhere, they want it in a walkable community. Read more
As the world urbanises and our lifestyles evolve, cities are getting bigger. And we're not just talking about population sizes. As This Big City kicks off a fortnight of themed posts on Megacities and Microcities, what better way to start than by taking a look at five of the world's 'biggest' cities? Read more