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Around half a billion people live off-grid, with many relying on kerosene for power. But this energy source brings with it pollution and risk of fire. Enter ToughStuff - a solar start-up with a product that improves safety, productivity, and reduces emissions, helping over 700,000 so far. Read more
Iceland can produce far more geothermal energy than it needs, and is poised to begin exporting this surplus to Europe. Not only will this introduce the world’s longest submarine high voltage direct current power cable the country, it will also bring economic benefits. Read more
What are the fundamental trends of our age? How will our homes, lives and cities be transformed by an urbanised, environmentally conscious and technologically empowered humanity? An upcoming event in London will attempt to address these (massive) questions. Read more
In a world undergoing rapid urbanisation and witnessing the rise of the megacity, it’s easy to forget about the villages and towns that began this transformation - areas our cities could learn a lot from. Read more