Ten of the Best #Urbanism Posts on Tumblr

What an exciting week it’s been here at This Big City! Over 40 awesome tumblogs have formally supported our newly-launched Tumblr campaign to make #urbanism a featured tag, and countless others have reblogged, messaged, and begun tagging #urbanism left and right. There’s a real groundswell of momentum running through Tumblr’s urban community, so we figured we’d celebrate by bringing you a list of ten of the best posts published on the #urbanism tag since the campaign launched. So, without further ado, here goes:

1. miLES, an NYC community group linking vacant space with new uses via publicdesignfestival


2. Spatially quantifying perceptions of safety and the subjective experience of the city via humanscalecities


3. Chicago takes a tactical urbanism approach to activating space at Union Station via The Atlantic Cities


4. Max Roberts thinks a circular approach to presenting NYC’s subway lines makes for a better map via fuckyeahurbandesign


5. Public space, art, and community building come together in the form of Upcycled Urbanism via thiscitylife


6. What we build and how we build it says a lot about what matters to us via urbanresolve


7. Montreal takes visitors on pedi-cab tours of its recent urban redevelopment projects via untappedcities


8. An exploration of pedestrian culture and what it means to be a walker in an automobile era via architryst


9. Vacant houses litter Detroit, and local firefighters battle flames and a faltering economy as they try to save the city one building at a time via deeannmarie


10. The sticky issue of gentrification: a positive? a negative? and what to do about it via massurban


Lucas Lindsey is Co-Editor of This Big City on Tumblr.

Top image via dicktay2000